Little poem by : Makhayla Pettit
U can call me a surivior
But that doesnt make me any less of a victim
You cant take that away from me
I was hurt and that won’t change
Blood boiled in every vain
Innocence stolen at 7
Had eyes turned black from rage
Arm bruised from hatrid
Mouth filled with blood
Fear forced through my lungs
Terrors as I laid to rest each night
Praying to wake to an end
But I am a victim
And you can’t take that away from me
And I was scarred all the same
By tiny hands that drew me in
By fake promises of love and hope
By her, by him, and by them
All the same in my eye as one
Raped by more than 6 people
Assaulted by more than 15
Sexually assaulted by more than 6
How many times by each dont matter
But I survived
I am a survivor
But I am also a victim
And you can’t take that away from me
And when you say survivor
I say fuck that bullshit
Because that girl over there
She killed herself after he raped her
So what that makes her weak?
Enduring any rape is never weak
Dont call me a survivor
If you mean to say I am not a victim
Do not call me a survivor
Because even survivors die
And even a survivor can finally
Say this is the end

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Police Report on Child Abuse

They are sitting downstairs taking my Fiancee’s report. When they arrived my heart began to pound and I almost had to get my inhaler because it became hard to breathe. I remind myself that I always stand up and tell people to ALWAYS REPORT ABUSE. So I calm myself down and begin to answer all the questions I am asked. My partner and I are caregivers/Nannies for Adults and children. So when I have a concern about abuse I feel it is my duty to report it. So that is what I had to do. Because my partner and I care in the same home for adults and children we both had to make a report separately. So now I am writing this while she is being asked questions. I wanted to express that it is hard to pick up the phone and make the call because you feel like you are doing something wrong, BUT YOU ARE NOT!! When the police arrive to take the report it can be even more stressful but it DOESN’T MATTER! You should make the call and report if you think someone is being abused or someone tells you they are being abused. Even if they make you swear not to tell you need to. Abuse is serious and it is never okay.

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Bullies/ 2 Moms

I was bullied a lot as a child. For all sorts of different things. Every friend I had would eventually want me to stay over, so I would meet their parents. The problem when you live in a small town is that everyone knows everyone. So your business was everyone else’s. My friends parents would outcast me and not allow me over because they knew that my mothers husband abused me. In sixth grade when I discovered I liked woman instead of men, I began to get bullied at school. When I finally got put into foster care everyone bullied me, including all the adults around me. When you’re in foster care, no one looks at why. They just see you as a bad kid because you are a ward of the state. Well I was there for being raped and abused by my mothers husband. Even after I still get bullied now and then as an adult. It is just so sad to see that other people enjoy ruining other peoples life. I wish more people would talk to their kids about it and keep them from doing it.

I see the world and how there is just so much more bullying than ever. Over race, sex, etc. I walk down the streets of Portland and I see at least five people in a day getting bullied. I try to help as much as possible. The worst is when I see a man bullying a woman and cussing up a storm right in front of my kid and I have to cover their ears and ask them “Please don’t use such foul language in front of children.” and they yell at me to shut up or something rude, and I cant really do much more because my child is there. Normally I would most likely slap the person whether man or woman for such disrespect. I aint afraid to get hit. I will hit back hard. Self defense.

In front of my child or any others child I would never stoop to even slapping someone. I like to think that one day I won’t have to worry about my children getting bullied for having TWO MOMS rather than a mother and father. Like we can’t raise children. Well actually children in gay families are proven to be more successful and happy etc. Because we have been bullied and outcasts and all we have is love to give to our children. We know how to take the good from the bad and look at the positive. Move on. We aern’t better. We are just the same as any other parent straight or gay.

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The Lies

So I bought a box of fruit roll ups to eat. I decided to take a look at the ingredients. The package also says that they are strawberry flavored. The ingredients show that the only fruit flavor was pear concentrate. So I feel lied to and cheated. How can you say something is strawberry flavored or even made from fruit? Clearly it contains no strawberry.

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Twisted (The Show)

So I began watching this absolutely amazing show on Netflix. As I begin to get to the last episode, I decide to look into when the next season comes out. Well I find out that the show didn’t get enough star rating so they denied the show a second season. This was very upsetting. Especially because they left you hanging on the last episode. So now the rest is never to be known. I don’t think it is okay to have shows like this on Netflix because it just leaves you angry when you can never watch what happens.

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Filled with Thoughts about me, myself, and I

I began blogging because I am just such an opinionated person. I find myself coming across posts on facebook and begin to express my opinion on the topic. Then I come to find myself doing the same on Twitter. I found I could blog and get a better range of feedback. I want to express my opinions to the world on many topics and get feedback on others opinions and why they feel the same as I or different. I love writing, and I love talking with others about our opinions whether the same or different. So come join my blog, and get involved in a any of the topics you find interesting on it. I would love to hear what you have to say!

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Would you still “Look the other way,” if it was your kid?

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I am so sick of people saying, “It wasn’t my business.” “I thought someone else would call the police,” etc. No excuses. If your daughter came to you saying, “daddy hurts me in the night,” or “your boyfriend touched me,” the first thing you should do is call the police period. Because your childs safety should always be #1 even over your partner. What if they were beat to death by your husband because you were too afraid to “Call the police.” It would kill you inside, to know that your child died because you were too afraid.

So when you see a child being abused, do something. I don’t care if you think 30 people have already called. You call the police and report it because that is a childs safety. If any child is being abused and you know about it then it IS YOUR BUSINESS! You do not “Look the Other Way!” You pick up the phone and call child services period. This goes for any crime. Because when that child or person shows up dead, it will be because you didn’t pick up that phone and try. And you will have to live the rest of your life knowing that if you had called child services or the police that child or person may still be alive. Think about it.

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Trans Relationship

Hypothetical Example: 

Person A: Identifies as a homosexual male.
Person B: Trans female, will be transitioning MtF.

Does person A continue to be in a relationship with person B? When does the “sexual attraction” end? If the relationship is not ended, can person A really continue to identify as a gay? Would continuing to identify as gay marginalize person B’s transition by implying they’re “not really” a girl?

My opinion:

Well it depends on the person, and if they really love the person. But it doesn’t always come down to that in the end. But the body parts do. If the relationship is not ended, then I feel person A can no longer identify as gay, because they are dating a person B who now identifies as a woman. In response I then think that if person A continues to identify as gay, then he is indeed marginalizing person B’s transition by implying they are dating a man still.

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LGB without the T

Whether lgb was started by a trans person or not. Being trans has nothing to do with your sexual preference. it’s strictly sexual identity. So they shouldn’t be referred to when referring to the gay community. And lgbt doesn’t support it as much because again. it has nothing to do with being gay or les etc, so it’s not okay to put them into the same category as gay people. get my point. But yes i do agree lgb shouldn’t be using trans people to fight lgb issues. but there should be no T attached to lgb. period. They can have support in a different setting strictly for trans people, and leave the gay community to strictly lgb.

What about for trans people who are gay, bi, or les?

They get two support groups, and when in the lgb support group should only express things on lgb. I’m not dismissing them from the group just simply their trans issues should be dealt with/ worked through in a group strictly for them. So lgb can focus strictly on lgb topics.

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Brides Maid

I can’t wrap my head around how my best friend can believe it’s not right to be gay (through religion) yet love me so much, and not want to lose me ever. I asked my best friend to be my bridesmaid, as I am getting married to a woman (I’m a lesbian). She said she couldn’t because it made her feel in conflict with her faith. But that she still wanted to be there, because she loves me so much, and thinks I am amazing, and loves my fiancée. I still love her. It just makes me confused how she can love my fiancée and I, but not think its right we are together because of her faith.

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